Wireless Radio Price List Indonesia ( 1 )


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Wifi Price in Indonesia for reseller and End-User

broadband wireless radio price list

broadband wireless radio price list

Indonesia is a very good market for WIFI products. Outdoor and Indoor WIFI are available in Indonesian market. IEEE802.11a/b/g and IEEE802.11n all are available.WIFI indoor can cover upto 300 m while WIFI outdoor can cover long distance upto 50 KM. The coverage really depends on the field’s conditions.

Do you want to buy wifi in Indonesia ? The price of WIFI products are varied. Prices are determined by the features, accessories and solution. Ussually lower price covers shoter distance and Higher price covers longer distance. There is no absolute prices to buy wifi in Indonesia. Off course there is a bottom price for it. Let say the price for an Outdoor WIFI 5KM is around $750/link upto $1,500/link.

Corporate, Internet Service Provider (ISP), Telco in Indonesia has been using the WIFI system. The WIFI system are deployed in many areas. For example, in Kalimantan (Borneo) the WIFI system long distance is 50KM straight LOS across the jungle and river.

Where to buy wifi in Indonesia ? buy wifi in Indonesia go to gudangwireless.com . gudangwireless is the best Supplier of Wireless products in Indonesia. The products that are supplied are in Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) catagories, such as Wifi , Wimax , Hotspot , Microwave Radio , Hotspot. There is only a few Supplier of Wireless products in Indonesia . The best is gudangwireless.

Buy Wifi from the distributor in Indonesia

gudangwireless.com in Indonesia

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